i fucking love. 

we are not merely ourself.

we so often see ourselves as this self-contained identity in this body - bouncing off, rejecting and accepting other entities - people, things and ideas. when the truth is, we are the action itself. we are the collective rejecting, accepting, bouncing. you can't accept or reject what i say without me being here for you to accept or reject. it's a mutual experience. and we ARE that experience. realizing that fact takes us from an isolated individual to a collective being. yes, we still retain a unique perspective on the activity, but realizing that we are not merely an observer, but an integral part of everyone else's experience brings us closer to the truth.

we are all one.

we are meditation.

what is meditation?

it's letting everything be everything, so that we can be eternity.

it's thinking. it's not thinking.
it's hurt and love, short and tall.
sight and sound, spring and fall.
it's a good days and bad,
your life and your dreams.
a hot meal. a cool breeze.

it's trusting yourself.

if we are always one, then what is there to gain?

realization that we are, that we always were.

we can be everything.

we hold all of these ideas. ideas about who we are, what happens to us, what we do, whether our experience is unfair or just. we believe in these ideas. we take them for granted. we accept them as fact.

what can rip us from this ignorance?

only we can.

being who we are as throughly as we can, as we are. not how we think we should by means of our understanding of these ideas we accept as true or false.

we can accept delusion and enlightenment as one. there is no difference. we can be at peace with our self, others, and our environment with zero separation - through acceptance. forgiveness.

we are time itself. we are form and mass and all of the perceived differences between them that equal our complete experience.

let go.

we can't do anything.

we can be everything.


we think in twos.

on and off.
right and wrong.
up and down.
left and right.
light and dark.
yes and no.
front and back.

there is one, and then there is the other. and there are an almost infinite number of increments between the two. but you can't go more one than one, or more two than two. as if they extended on forever.

but what are we really experiencing?

without up, there could be no down.
without light, there could be no dark.

they are intrinsically connected to each other.

what exists? everything. and nothing.

what do we experience? only a small portion.

imagine a pitch black room. what can we see? nothing. it's not that anything has disappeared, but we can not experience it visually, because it is all the same. without a difference, we are unable to perceive anything. all of our senses operate on the same principle.

we don't experience things, we experiences differences, which are select parts of the whole, but only when a difference exists to perceive.


what are you looking for? what's out there? what's inside you? why do you think you can find it? why do you think you have it?

who's telling you this? who told them that? where did it start? how would you know for sure?

stop. just, stop. and keep going. just go.

let go of letting go

to let go of letting go is to be awareness itself.

do not try to control it. do not look for something in particular. just be. let it come to you. you can not go to it.

there is a state of mind, when we do something, that is more open - expanded. it is not "i" that is doing "something". there is just "i". this happens because "i" know there is only "this". why "i" do what i do is determined not just by myself, but by the actions of every single thing since the beginning of time. and with that in mind (for that reason) this moment is clarified.

i can see what it is. it is me. it is all me. it is all you. it is us.