we are meditation.

what is meditation?

it's letting everything be everything, so that we can be eternity.

it's thinking. it's not thinking.
it's hurt and love, short and tall.
sight and sound, spring and fall.
it's a good days and bad,
your life and your dreams.
a hot meal. a cool breeze.

it's trusting yourself.

if we are always one, then what is there to gain?

realization that we are, that we always were.

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  1. Hi,feeling peace to see your post.I have little bit.Mindfulness meditation technique sways the specialist to watch meandering contemplations as they float through the mind.The intention is not to get included with the contemplations or to judge them, yet just to be mindful of every mental note as it arises.through care meditation, you can perceive how your musings and emotions have a tendency to move in particular patterns. About whether, you can get to be more mindful of the human inclination to rapidly judge encounter as "good" or "bad" ("pleasant" or "unpleasant"). With practice, an inward adjust creates.Have a nice day.
    Kirpal Singh successor