we think in twos.

on and off.
right and wrong.
up and down.
left and right.
light and dark.
yes and no.
front and back.

there is one, and then there is the other. and there are an almost infinite number of increments between the two. but you can't go more one than one, or more two than two. as if they extended on forever.

but what are we really experiencing?

without up, there could be no down.
without light, there could be no dark.

they are intrinsically connected to each other.

what exists? everything. and nothing.

what do we experience? only a small portion.

imagine a pitch black room. what can we see? nothing. it's not that anything has disappeared, but we can not experience it visually, because it is all the same. without a difference, we are unable to perceive anything. all of our senses operate on the same principle.

we don't experience things, we experiences differences, which are select parts of the whole, but only when a difference exists to perceive.

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