let go of letting go

to let go of letting go is to be awareness itself.

do not try to control it. do not look for something in particular. just be. let it come to you. you can not go to it.

there is a state of mind, when we do something, that is more open - expanded. it is not "i" that is doing "something". there is just "i". this happens because "i" know there is only "this". why "i" do what i do is determined not just by myself, but by the actions of every single thing since the beginning of time. and with that in mind (for that reason) this moment is clarified.

i can see what it is. it is me. it is all me. it is all you. it is us.

meditation tip

you aren't watching the thoughts.
you aren't counting the breath.

you are the watching of the thoughts.
you are the counting of the breath.

you are the watching and the thought.
you are the counting and the breath.

realization in letting go

realization is like this simple fact: no matter how fast you turn around, you can't see the back of your head. it seems obvious, perhaps too obvious. hidden in its simplicity is great complexity. this simplicity fools us into thinking we "get it" when in fact we are far from the truth.

so we must let go of these notions. we can't control our life, because even the controlling is part of life itself. life can't step outside of life. it is all encompassing. you are everything.

relief comes from this realization. relief comes from letting your guard down. relief is living pure life.