normal is relative

we think we know what normal is until we get completely out of normal and develop a new "normal."

it's the same normal, only different.

what we think we know, who we think we are, are only what they are as long as we think they are.

and as long as we know, it is nearly impossible to think any other way. to unlock a deeper "you", we must be open to believing that we don't know.

and even then, we must be pushed far beyond what we are to realize the ever deepening reality of our true self.

as we walk the path, our mind elevates

the more aware of ultimate reality we become, the more we see things for what they truly are. our actions become more deliberate and confident. we think about the consequence of our actions more, and think about whether we should or shouldn’t act, less.

we are better at understanding the present moment and become better at using all of the resources available to us, right now. while at the same time, we aren't stuck on what isn't. not hung up on the past, on what could have been, we see things for what they were and use the memory of the total experience to our advantage, in the present. 

we stop contemplating how things could have been different, or could be different. we accept everything for how it is. we effectively use our raw being, emotion & knowledge, to act in the present moment, to change the “future.”

no separation, no suffering.

i know this world is all delusion. and this is me playing within it.

life and death are but an illusion. yet still we live and die.

we should make the best of it and help others do the same.

love for the sake of loving. think to think.

laugh to laugh. hate to hate.

but understand there is no substance behind these things.

there is no separation between your hate & their laughter.

treat them as you want to treat yourself.

because you know them as an extension of yourself.

because their body & mind is your body & mind.

the only difference is your perspective that they are different.

with conscious mind we can change this.

and why wouldn't we,

if we could end all suffering?