the best meditation technique

every religion, sect, and group have their own recommendations on how to attain a clear mind, or how to attain enlightenment, or how to get or not get whatever. it can be confusing! who do we listen to? who’s “right”?

what is the best technique? i'll give you a hint: it doesn't fucking matter.

regardless of your meditation technique, whether it is shinkantaza, mindfulness, or something else altogether. they will all lead to realization, so long as you realize that whatever you do is merely a technique, and that eventually you are going to throw it away.

do not attach to the technique itself. one day you will not need it. always be aware of the fact that what you're doing begins and ends within itself.

you may think it is a means to and end, but it is not. if you find that hard to wrap your mind around, you're not alone. you only need the technique as long as you 'think' you need it.

one day it will click. and you will know when it does. and when you finally realize that you don't need the technique, you are free to continue to use it in a beautiful new way. a way that you never imagined possible. this is realization. this is what can't be taught - only hinted at. just keep going and you can see for yourself.

trust those that have gone before you. if you think the technique is helping, then allow it to help you, but have faith that this stage is very temporary. you don't have to rely on faith forever. eventually you will throw it away too.

the day will come when you will know what the ancestors knew. and you will be free.

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