when the floor drops out

if you haven't had a moment where you were just thinking, or doing, and the floor dropped out from underneath you...leaving you with nothing to hold onto, in the most amazing way...then keep questioning everything.

that may not be a popular perspective, but hear me out. some of you have had these moments of clarity, call them what you want, when everything just "is" and it all makes perfect sense. and while we are in that state of transcendence, it is just as it is. immediately afterward, when our everyday mind comes back to us, the contrast of "is-ness" and the way we've always just known it to be create a spectacular sensation. and i don't think that is something to downplay, though it often is.

yes, after some time passes, we realize it was really nothing special after all, because all we were seeing is us how we always were. but we'll always remember how we felt at that time. and whether we realize it was nothing, or if we cling to it, it exists just the same. and we should appreciate it, and encourage it. because it may be a small step, and perhaps even a mis-step, but it is none the less a step and without success AND mistakes we are destined to stay where we are.

and while it could be said we always are where we are, let's just understand that we all know that already.

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