state of zen teaching in america

i get the impression that many teachers are teaching Buddhism at a very low level. i don't disagree with what they're saying, but in my mind i'm thinking, "why stop there?" maybe the teachers are "dumbing it down" to reach beginners?

but then i thought, if that's the case, the students don't know that, and they may mistake this half baked teaching for the real thing. so even if the teaching is helpful in a way, i think it's bad in the long run.

once you start to understand the truth, things like the precepts fall into place on their own so why not start at the top and let the things that most teachers talk about, just fall into place without having to discuss the obvious?

and when i say "top" i actually mean "bottom" because i think our actions grow out of our understanding naturally. or that's the way it works for me. the roots and trunk of the tree feed the leaves. so fertilize the ground and the leaves (precepts, etc.) will grow healthy and green.

if it sounds like i know what i'm talking about - i don't think i know anything. i just think.

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