how to deal with bullshit

penetrate everything with your actuality.

people will try to bullshit you. don't let them control you, yet don't try to control them. don't fight their opinion, yet don't let them walk over you. allow them to be who they are. the difference between you and them is who you are. killing them will kill you.

act as you are.

when people act with hostility, they expect you to react one of two ways. they expect you to push back, or to get the fuck out of their way. but there is a middle path.

there is a way to neither act nor react. this can not be taught. it can only be experienced directly. you will only understand through practice.

when you act in such a way, they may be confused. they may not understand this mysterious confidence that you embody. this is ok. you are just yourself. you act and react in the moment with absolute compassion. and because of this, you don't expect a certain result our outcome.

follow your true self - and all, as it is, will be revealed.

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