where space, time and consciousness meet. part II

if our ego does not exist, in a way 'we' do not exist. so what is this body, this mind? we have feelings and desires, experience pain and pleasure. it can't therefore be nothing.

"this" as in everything that you can think of, is an instant. it is an instant that quickly transitions to another instant, which transitions into another instant. these moments are not separate and do not exist independently from one another. they are seamless and could be thought to be happening so quickly that there is only persistent instance of reality that is universally dependent on every aspect of itself. every aspect of this instance, what we perceive as reality, relies on the relation of every imaginable and unimaginable piece of itself. everything from the furthest start from earth to the slightest breeze that graced the earth billions of years ago to how you feel about yourself right now is related and dependent. no thing is independent from this ultimate relationship that shapes the reality of this instance, of "now."

imagine you have an itch on your head and you reach to scratch it. in a traditional concept of our reality, something caused the nerve endings on you scalp to send a message to the brain which it interpreted as an itch, at which point you thought to scratch it or not. agreeing it was serious enough to act on, you raised your hand to your head and scratched your head. this process happened very quickly over time. there was a cause (the itch) that happened in the present, as time continued we spent that time thinking about what to do before reacting. so that by the time we scratched our head, the initial itch had already happened, and as such could be considered to be in the past. when perceiving the world in this way, we could say that we are always living in the past, reacting to situations that happen spit seconds before we notice.

to summarize - our brain is processing the past as if the past were now, but actually "now" is in the future and we are thinking in the past, all of which is happening right "now"!

read that as many times as it takes to make sense.

because we can't escape form "now," all thoughts of past and future events are superficial any only exist in the bind, which as also created the concept of space and time, or space-time, to help separate every element of our reality into things and events. we are an instrumental piece of all action (the sum of all things interacting together.) without consciousness doing what it does, our reality doesn't exist as it does.

we are more than a mere observer, we are the observed.

with this line of thinking, there is no way to poe anything is the way we think it is. it is in all likelihood something else altogether. but we take for granted that what our consciousness perceives as what really is and that that's all it is. this like dreaming within a dream. by removing the inner dream and awakening we become the dream itself and no longer cling to anything within, as we realize we are everything and if we are everything we have nothing to fear. nothing to lose.

we are not this body and mind that travels forward in time, day by day. we are more than that. we are where space, time and consciousness meet. traveling nowhere, but always changing, always acting. when we realize we are action even in not acting, we are liberated in a way that can not be written or communicated in any way outside of direct experience. this is the path we walk.

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