where space, time and consciousness meet. part I

we are always our activity. more accurately - we are activity.

the 'our' part of the first equation is redundant. and we are never more "activity" as we are before we begin our journey to enlightenment. ironically to realize this we must step away from this, which gives us a new perspective on who we think we are.

how do we get away from our self? how do we step outside of our body and mind? we realize that we are the relation between us and everything previously thought to be 'not-us.' friends, enemies, trees, water, mountains, fire. we exist in the space between who we think 'we' are and what we see as outside of us.

meditation, depending on who you ask could have any number of purposes. one of those purposes could be said to separate yourself from your being, physically and mentally.

as we find our perspective widening far beyond what we previously thought possible, we see that many of the things we clung to as parts of "us" that we thought we depended on, simply don't matter. and we are eventually free to throw away the biggest crutch we will ever encounter - the ego.

but this is just the beginning.

at this point we realize that we have created yet another 'good' ego that we used to throw away the 'bad' ego. and we see that to throw away this newly created ego, we must step away again, creating yet another ego. and so on it goes infinitely. realizing that there is no escaping this cycle is an important realization. at this time we begin to understand that there is no ultimate understanding that can be had as long as we are what we are - everything. the universe can not escape itself. anything we think exists the instant we think it, and disappears the moment we forget. your eyes can not see themselves and this is the same of consciousness.

the only remedy to this spinning, is to let go. and then let go of letting go. there is no escape, because it is what it is. it always has been and always will be.

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