zen is to love

zen isn't a "thing" in itself, but there are two concepts to buddhism that i think are very important in explaining it to us: wisdom and empathy (love.)

we are all one. there is no hierarchy to anything in our lives. there is no separation. friends and enemies. humans, animals, plants and rocks. good and evil. from a certain perspective all of these "opposites" are actually all the same. realizing this truth is wisdom. the result of this realization is unconditional, limitless empathy (love.) 

but zen goes beyond understanding.

we know the emotion of love exists. it's all around us, whether we acknowledge it or not. we know this because we've experienced love. and this is all obvious. but what if we had never experienced love? what if we didn't believe in love. does that mean it doesn't exist?

so as love can not be "taught" neither can zen. 

we can speak about love. we can be guided toward love, but we can not make ourselves love. 

let go and let it happen.

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